Why You Should be Renting a Private Plane

What are the best reasons to rent a private plane and are there any specific reasons to choose private airfare over conventional commercial aircraft carriers? What are the things to look out for when chartering your own private jet? These are all very pertinent questions when planning your personal or business-based trips. The differences between renting a private plane and simply relying on a commercial carrier can be very stark.


Personal Vs Impersonal

When renting or rather chartering a private plane, the most obvious difference is the divide between personal customer services and airfare operators. When you choose a private airfare operator to charter your private plane, you are getting a customizable service that just does not exist at a large commercial operator. You get to pick whatever departure time best suits your needs, be they business or personal. There is also the negation of excessive times left waiting around an airport for a delayed or cancelled flight, private rental allows you to step straight onto your flight whenever you have booked it. If your needs are strictly business related then private jet rental is great for quick return trips, or, multiple city destinations, while being able to relax or work at your leisure. Modern private jet chartering companies like FLYCATS, based out of Toronto, excel at business, city-to-city trips, being able to have clients in downtown New York just thirty minutes after landing. 


Terminology, Quotes and Chartering Your Jet

The process for private jet rental is essentially just the same as commercial air travel, choose your flight type (empty leg, one way, round or multi), your destination and departure time you need and then simply choose the jet which best suits your personal or business needs. You will then be quoted a price by the operator based on all these factors, keeping in mind that you can alter any of them to your financial needs. When examining the terminology of private jet rental, it is all very similar to regular air travel; the only difference is knowing what an empty leg means. This is a very common term and is used all over the private plane rental industry. It simply refers to one-way flights that represent the unsold segments of a confirmed private jet flight journey where only the flight crew are on board. They are the by-product of a scheduled or confirmed flight and can therefore be subject to change or cancellation in relation to the scheduled and paid-for flight itinerary which produced them. Empty leg flights can be broken down into two categories: a confirmed one-way or a true one-way. A confirmed one-way may be booked anytime with a private plane operator and the customer will either pay for the occupied leg and the empty leg or could pay a rate that covers the cost of empty legs flown. A true one-way is a chartered flight that will happen even if there are passengers on board and can be subject to change. Depending on the operator you choose, there are a myriad different types of private jet available to rent to meet your specific business or personal requirements.